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harry potter: h/hr - #96 Writer's Choice

Title: if this was our last dance
Fandom: harry potter
Characters: harry potter, hermione granger
Prompt: #96 Writer's Choice
Word Count: 1,404
Rating: PG
Summary: It's like gravity and he's not sure what's moving his feet, but he leads and she follows.
Author's Notes: I've done something like this before; with the dance scene. The style is a bit different and this is shorter. But I couldn't just let this drop. This is the quickest I've finished anything I think.

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harry potter: h/hr - #1 Beginnings

Title: First Meeting
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger
Prompt: #1 Beginnings
Word Count: 907
Rating: G
Summary: Their beginning starts long before the train ride to Hogwarts. He was five and she was six. He was dark-haired and scrawny; she was bushy-haired and bossy.
Author's Notes: Not much to say...other than I hope they sound their age xD Never really written five and six year olds before...

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Aug. 23rd, 2011

Medium: Film/Book
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Harry/Hermione
Title: Lost In You
Notes: Fanmix of eleven songs based on Harry and Hermione's relationship. Canon and fanon, mixture of both their POV's. Short drabble included with each.

fanmix: one last dance [harry/hermione]

emma watson hermione
Medium: Film/Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Harry/Hermione
Title: One Last Dance
Notes: Fanmix of eleven songs I felt fit Harry and Hermione's relationship. Both canon and fanon, a mixture of both their POV's.